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This is a condition which involves blood pooling between the cartilage of the ear and skin causing a “pocket” of blood. The ear will appear thick, spongy, hot to the touch and may affect the whole pinna of the ear or one area.

Causes of Aural Hematomas:

  • Excessive shaking of the head
  • Excessive scratching of one or both ears (some causes can be due to but not limited to: an unresolved ear infection, foreign object causing irritation, or insect bite wound)
  • In some cases, if your pet has a bleeding/clotting disorder it may develop into a hematoma.

How Aural Hematomas are Treated:

  • Incising the hematoma for drainage (drain tube may be placed to ensure full drainage of the site)
  • Suturing the Skin and Cartilage of the ear together to eliminate the collection of blood between the space. (This requires full anesthesia to complete)
  • Stabilization of the ear to the head of the animal to prevent any further damage to the ear (stops violent shaking – would need e-collar to prevent scratching)
  • Possible medications that would be prescribed by the veterinarian.

Follow-ups are required for the veterinarian to check the ear’s healing process and ensure that blood is still not collecting on the pinna (outer area of ear).

Aural hematomas are very painful and, for an affected dog’s or Cat’s welfare, should be treated promptly

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