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Dependable Emergency Vet Appointments in Kitchener

If your cat or dog is experiencing a health emergency, it can leave you feeling overwhelmed and questioning your next steps. The best course of action is to remain calm and get your pet professional care as soon as possible. At Blue Cross Animal Hospital Kitchener, we’re proud to provide skilled emergency vet appointments to cats and dogs of all ages.

Whether your dog has experienced a seizure or your cat has injured themselves after a fall, our veterinary practice is here to give your pet the vital care they need. If you believe your pet is experiencing an emergency, contact us as soon as possible to schedule an urgent vet appointment!

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What Counts as a Veterinary Emergency?

One of the most important factors to getting your pet the veterinary care they need is understanding if their situation is truly an emergency. That’s why our knowledgeable and communicative staff is here to answer your questions and help you make confident decisions for your pet. When you call ahead to our office, we’ll help you determine if bringing in your pet as soon as possible is in their best interests.

Some of the situations we regularly handle that require a same-day vet appointment include:

  Uncontrolled Bleeding: Although bleeding doesn’t necessarily mean that your dog is experiencing an emergency, it can be a sign that they need urgent veterinary care if it’s uncontrolled. Additionally, if the bleeding is coming from their nose, mouth, or rectum, we encourage you to contact our office as soon as possible.

  Trouble Breathing: If your cat or dog appears as though they’re having trouble breathing, it can require an emergency vet appointment. Trouble standing and loss of consciousness can also accompany breathing trouble.

  Physical Trauma: Everything from traffic accidents to falls can cause your pet to experience physical trauma. We highly recommend that you bring in your pet if they’ve experienced physical trauma, as most events can also cause damage to their internal organs.

Prioritizing Kitchener Urgent Vet Care

At Blue Cross Animal Hospital Kitchener, we’ve spent considerable time and effort to improve the efficiency and scope of our urgent veterinary services. When you contact us about your pet’s emergency, our staff will begin by asking you questions about their situation and condition. Is your pet’s emergency a result of physical trauma? Is your pet conscious? Does your pet have any pre-existing conditions like diabetes or heart disease?

From there, our team will work to schedule your pet an appointment as soon as we can. We can also provide you with detailed instructions on how to get to our office. If you contact our veterinary practice after-hours, we can refer you to a trusted local emergency veterinary clinic that can handle nighttime situations.

Emergency Vet Appointments FAQs

When your pet is experiencing a health emergency, it’s normal to have your mind race with questions and concerns. That’s why our team is here to answer any questions you may have about our Kitchener urgent vet appointment services. Some of the most frequently asked questions about our services include:

What should I bring with me to my pet's emergency appointment?

Although it’s understandable if you only bring your pet, we recommend that if you have a moment, bring any medications they’re taking. Some medical emergencies with pets can be traced back to their medication and having it on hand can prove invaluable.

Can I be present during my pet's emergency appointment?

Although you can’t be in the room with our team, we encourage you to stay in the waiting area. We’ll work to provide you with an update on your pet’s condition as soon as we possibly can.

How should I transport my pet to your office?

We recommend that you minimize handling as much as possible. Rough or improper handling, depending on the situation, can cause further injury to your pet. From there, drive with care to our office, as sudden braking or acceleration can lead to injury. Once you’re at our practice, our staff can help bring your pet inside.

Soonest Available, Kitchener Urgent Vet Appointments

If your pet is experiencing a health emergency, our office is here for you. At Blue Cross Animal Hospital Kitchener, we provide skilled and experienced emergency vet appointments for cats and dogs alike. We encourage that you call ahead to our office so that we’re better prepared to receive them. Contact us as soon as possible to schedule your pet’s emergency vet appointment!