Dental disease is the most common medical condition seen in cats and dogs. Did you know that 85 percent of pets over the age of 2 years old have some form of periodontal disease?  In many cases, the changes associated with dental disease go unnoticed.  Dental disease can lead to many other health concerns and can affect the longevity and quality of life in our furry family members.  Contact us today to book your pet’s dental exam.

At Blue Cross Animal Hospital, our mission is to provide honest, competent and compassionate Veterinary care for our patients

At Blue Cross Animal Hospital, we strive to build a partnership between you, your pets and our veterinary team.   We are committed to helping you take care of your pet’s health and well-being, while enhancing the human-animal bond experience.

Our Team

Meet the veterinary team of Blue Cross Animal Hospital in Kitchener, Ontario! We’re pleased to provide a variety of services for your pets! Please call us at (519) 742-2821 to speak to one of our caring staff members!


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Our Services

The veterinary services provided by Blue Cross Animal Hospital to clients in Kitchener, Ontario include; Wellness & Vaccination Programs, Medical Services, Surgical Services, Laser Therapy, Emergency Services, and more!

March Is Tick Awareness Month

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