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Have you ever found your cat batting a bottlecap around, or perhaps playing with a food wrapper? Kitties may spend a rather ridiculous amount of time sleeping, but they still need ways to amuse themselves. If Fluffy has nothing to do all day but stare at the walls, she will become bored and restless. A Kitchener, ON vet offers a few tips on entertaining your feline pal in this article.


First and foremost, make sure your feline buddy has plenty of toys. Kitties all have their own ‘purrsonal’ tastes here. One furball may love catnip mice, while another may prefer batting squeaky toys around in the middle of the night. Try different things, and see what Fluffy prefers.

Window Seats

We always recommend keeping cats indoors. They’re much safer as inside pets! However, Fluffy will enjoy having a comfy window seat with a good view. Birdwatching is a very popular kitty pastime. Just make sure your windows and screens close securely.


If you really want to spoil your feline overlord, make her a catio. Enclosed porches or patios are ideal, but they aren’t the only option. Sunrooms, spare rooms, and even bright corners also work! Add some fun pet furniture and toys, and perhaps some non-toxic plants, such as catnip or cat grass. Check the ASPCA website here for a full list of pet-safe plants.

Nooks And Crannies 

If we know one thing about Fluffy, it’s that she’s quite nosy. Give your little buddy lots of things to explore. Cat condos are fun, but you can also offer things like newspaper tunnels. Your inquisitive little buddy will also immediately investigate any cardboard boxes or paper bags you offer her.

Smart Toys 

There are all sorts of fun modern gadgets for cats. You can buy Fluffy smart toys that react to her movements. Your kitty may also enjoy watching documentaries made just for cats. You can even download games for your furry pal on a phone or tablet. (Results may vary.)


At the end of the day, the best way to keep Fluffy amused is to play with her. Use toys you control from a distance, like remote-controlled mice, laser pointers, or wand toys. This will probably put a smile on your face as well!

Please contact us, your Kitchener, ON animal hospital, for all your furry friend’s veterinary care needs. We’re here to help!

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