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Ear examinations and cytologic evaluations are a simple and rapid way to determine if your pet is
currently experiencing an ear infection. This is a crucial part of determining the best treatment to
give to your pet to provide relief from the following:

• Head shaking.
• Ear scratching.
• Redness, discharge and/or pain associated with one or both ears.
• Foul odour.

Causes of Ear Infections
• External parasites (Otodectes cynotis)
• Bacteria and yeast overgrowth
• Frequent moisture build-up in the ear (especially in our floppy ear dog breeds) or
excessive swimming/bathing/cleaning without drying ears afterwards.• Environmental/food allergies

If the issue(s) are not addressed, this can lead to ear trauma or an aural hematoma (blood
pocket from over scratching and breaking capillaries in the ear), or chronic ongoing-ear
infections if not maintained accordingly.

How a Sample is Collected for Ear Cytology

1. Firstly, an ear exam is conducted by the DVM with an Otoscope.
2. If an ear cytology is warranted, a swab is taken and used (one for each ear) to collect the
debris that is in the ear canal.
3. To determine Mites – the sample is placed on the slide and mineral oil is added over top
to magnify and stabilize the Mites for microscopic viewing.
4. If looking for Bacteria, Yeast and Cells, the sample is placed on a slide, heat fixed, stained,
air dried, then viewed under the microscope for evaluation.
5. Once the evaluation is completed, findings are reported and the next steps of actions will
be discussed
If you notice your pet having any ear discomfort, please call the clinic and we can schedule an

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