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    Jul 20 2017

    Hello all! It’s me, Purr’ll! I don’t know about all of you but to me, summer sure seems to be heating up! We have hit some highs this year that…

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    Tick Tracker

    Jun 16 2017

    Hello all my favorite humans! Its me, Purr’ll again! I just saw some very scary looking things in the clinic today. My Blue Cross Animal Hospital Team has been removing…

  • ticks

    March is Tick Awareness Month

    Mar 01 2017

    Hello all my human readers! I am so glad that the nice weather is just around the corner – aren’t you? I miss all that sunshine. One of my favourite…

  • Purrll hearts

    Happy Valentine’s Day – but watch out for the chocolate!

    Feb 13 2017

    Hello all my favorite Humans. It’s me Purr’ll again. I have missed all of you! I cannot believe that Valentines Day is here. It is such a sweet tradition for…

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    Rabies outbreak in Ontario continues to spread

    Jan 23 2017

    Hello to all our faithful readers. Although normally Purr’ll writes our blog, she turned it over to Dr. Yuill today so that she could give you some updated information on…

  • Purr'll edited

    Our Seasonal Pet Food Drive is On! Please help us help others in need!

    Nov 30 2016

    Hello all my favorite humans! Its me, Purr’ll again! I can’t believe that tomorrow is December 1st! Christmas sure is closing in on us fast isn’t it? The magic of…

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    Winter is coming! Is your cat vaccinated?

    Nov 01 2016

    Hello! It’s me! Purr’ll! Wow did I miss talking to all of your guys! I really enjoy being here and chatting with all of you wonderful humans. My mommy says…

  • Purr'll basket

    Introducing Purr’lls of Wisdom

    Oct 07 2016

      hello! my name is purr’ll. i am dr cheryl yuill’s very beloved kitty. as my mother is a veterinarian, she is up on all the newest information and facts…

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    10th Annual World Rabies Day Sept. 28, 2016

    Sep 22 2016

    In an effort to raise awareness about rabies and its effect on the health of people and animals, for the past decade September 28th has been recognized as World Rabies Day.…

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    Is my pet too fat??

    Aug 22 2016

    It’s late summer, the weather is hot and humid, and the Summer Olympics have just wrapped up … so there’s no better time to wade into some troubled waters in…