Customer Service Representative

After working in the Veterinary field for many years, Kimee joined Blue Cross Animal Hospital in the Spring of 2016 as part of our Customer Service Representative team.  She grew up with a love for animals as her father was a Veterinarian, so client pets became her extended family.

Dog behavior and training have always interested her.  She currently shares three wonderful springer spaniels with her father- Hemi (moma’s girl), Charger (the big softy) and Briar ( the brat).  They are all Field Trial Dogs – a form of competition involving hunting and retrieving – although Hemi is now retired.  Kimee and her father are members of the Central Ontario Spaniel Club and the South Western Spaniel Club.

In her off time, Kimee enjoys working with her dogs, is an active movie enthusiast (and yes, that also includes TV shows), an avid reader and loves to write fiction.