Dr. Costello


For as long as I can remember, animals have been and important part of my life. Like many people, I have been blessed with some amazing pets over the years. It comes from this that I appreciate the very strong relationship and bond one can have with these wonderful creatures.

I graduated with a background in medical microbiology, and as Doctor of Veterinary medicine. I have been working with the Blue Cross Animal Hospital for many years. In the early years I have also worked in the local veterinary emergency hospital which has helped hone my skills of critical care, and gaining experience in what clients and veterinarians go through during a crisis.

Over the years I have met many wonderful people and their pets. Although I look after the health of thousands of people’s pets, I strive to treat each person and their pets as individuals. Getting to know the owners and their pets has been part of my mandate and is just good medicine.

I spend countless hours (actually counted, lol) on continuing education to keep me up to date with advancing medicine and to hone my skills.

My hope is that through my knowledge and experience, I can help pet owners ensure that their animals live long and healthy lives as loved members of their family.