Hi there folks!  My name is Barney and I have recently moved in with my new mom, Ahilya! My brother Fred also lives here with us. We cause lots of laughter and happiness for everyone at home. I am a 4-year-old domestic shorthair,  brown tabby with cream cat that was recently adopted along with my brother Fred, by the Blue Cross Animal Hospital family.  Although I was a little shy when I first got here, all of the staff have made me feel so welcome and safe.  I am starting to like it here!  Besides visiting the staff at lunch time, (Dr. Dave has some great food in his lunch box!)  I love sleeping on the Office Mangers desk, although I have to get there before Fred does or he takes up the entire desk!  Although I am still a little shy about meeting new people, you can keep up with our activities on our blog, Clinic Cat Chat with Fred and Barney.  I am sure I will be meeting all of you soon but for now I am loving my new home at Blue Cross Animal Hospital.  See you all soon!