Office Manager

Ahilya joined the staff at Blue Cross Animal Hospital in the summer of 2005. Prior to that, she worked as a receptionist at another veterinary clinic for 2 years. Before that, Ahilya spent many years working as a Medical Secretary for a number of physicians and Health Care Facilities. Her son completed the Health Care Certificate Program at Conestoga College and is actively working as a PSW  locally, while also pursuing a career in nursing.

Ahilya is the Office Manager at Blue Cross Animal Hospital, and is responsible for the day-to-day operations and administration of the clinic. She oversees our website, social media, client communication and front office staffing, assuring that the clinic operates efficiently.

In her spare time, Ahilya enjoys going to the gym, trail walks, exploring markets and shopping, movies, and reading.  She also loves watching football (#1 Green Bay Packers’ Fan!) Baseball (GO JAYS GO!!), and is also learning golf.  Ahilya loves spending time with her family, which also now includes the clinic cats,  Fred and Barney!  Fred and Barney are both enjoying their new home,  and are being spoiled rotten on a daily basis!