Preventive Pet Care Plans

At Blue Cross Animal Hospital, we recognize the importance of preventive health care to promote the well-being of our patients and help them to have a long and healthy life with their adopted family. Our Preventive Pet Care Plans and vaccination programs have been developed to prevent diseases and prolong the lives of your pets.  Our goal with the Preventive Pet Care Plan is to help our clients incorporate an affordable way to more effectively budget their pet’s routine health care. 

Dave checking Sapphire's eyesA Preventive Pet Care Plan consists of routine examinations and diagnostic testing on apparently healthy animals. The Plans include vaccinations and preventative products like heartworm medication, flea prevention and deworming, as well as 4DX Heartworm & Wellness blood testing.  They also include fecal testing and urinalysis and the option of a Dentistry.  Unlimited Examinations for the year is also part of the plans.  The frequency of examinations, diagnostic testing and preventative treatments for an individual animal depend on the pet’s age, lifestyle, where it lives, and any pre-existing problems or breed-related risks.

We will create a package that is best for your pet, and then set up a payment plan where the cost of the treatment is divided in 12 regular monthly payments. For more information about our Preventive Pet Care Plans, please send us an email at (or by following the links under the Contact Us tab), or call us at 519-742-2821 during business hours. We look forward to working with you to keep your pet(s) healthy and happy.

Not only does early detection or prevention help improve the quality of life for your pet, prevention OR treatment of a disease in its early stages is always less costly than dealing with full-blown disease. Preventive Pet Care Plans alerts us to the need for modifying your pet’s care to slow the progression of disease.