Medical Assessments

Before we treat a pet, we must make a medical assessment of any problems. The first part of this assessment involves taking a detailed history. Asking many questions about your pet’s behaviour, habits, and daily routine helps us gather information and is a crucial aid in determining what steps to take to come to an assessment. You can help us with this information gathering by coming prepared with accurate details about your pet’s food and treats, levels of exercise, bowel movements and urinary habits, any changes, details about issues of concern, etc. 

After we collect the information about your pet’s history, we will perform a physical examination. On a routine physical examination, we will examine your pet’s eyes, ears, mouth, throat, heart rate, respiratory rate, abdominal cavity, lymph nodes, skin and coat. To assess a specific medical concern, we may perform a more detailed examination of the specific area of concern. 

Based on the findings of the combined detailed history and the physical exam we will make further diagnostic recommendations. 

Some of these may include: 

– Bloodwork: CBC, Biochemistry, Urinalysis or other specific laboratory tests 




After putting all the pieces together we will develop an appropriate treatment plan and put it in place.