Laser Therapy

Companion Therapy Laser – Now available at our clinic for treatment of chronic pain control that is a non-drug, non-invasive treatment for your pet.

No pet owner wants to see their furry family member suffer from muscle and joint pain. Have you noticed your pet slowing down, having trouble with everyday movement? Laser therapy may provide a solution to your pets muscle and joint soreness.





As your dog ages the probability of arthritic pain increases greatly. At ages of 8-10 years of age, 27% of dogs can suffer from arthritis.  This number increases to 37% for dogs 11-13 years old. 







It can be difficult to diagnose arthritic pain in cats.  This is due to the stoic nature of cats who can conceal pain quite well.  If your feline pet is having difficulty reaching the litterbox, slowing down, not wanting to jump up anymore or isolating themselves from the family, pain may be the issue. 

Blue Cross Animal Hospital now has an alternative to drugs for your pet’s joint pain.  Our non-invasive Laser Therapy could provide your pet with an alternative to daily, weekly or monthly medication.  Laser therapy can be the alternative solution to pain management for your pet. 

Please ask our staff if Laser therapy is right for your pet.