Dental Health Care

During your pet’s physical exam, we will be looking for signs that indicate that your pet requires dental care. One or more of the following symptoms may be noted:                                                                        Antidepressant 23 Canine tooth loose

  • tartar buildup on teeth                                               
  • bad breath                                                                
  • infected gums
  • loose teeth
  • broken teeth
  • a sore mouth

As with people, the extent of dental disease cannot be fully determined without an in-depth examination and/or dental x-rays. Unfortunately, our patients will not allow us to do in-depth examinations of their mouths, clean their teeth, or take dental x-rays when they are awake – nor is this a safe procedure for us to do! If we notice any of the above symptoms during your pet’s examination, we will therefore recommend further assessment under general anesthesia. In order to avoid giving your pet multiple anesthetics, it is preferable to examine his or her teeth, take any necessary x-rays and then treat as many problems as possible at the same time. Once your pet’s teeth are clean, we will advise you on a home care program tailored to your situation. This home care program may include daily tooth brushing, use of dental rinses, feeding a specially formulated dental diet, or providing your pet with dental chews or toys.