Prescription for Information

Recommendations for finding Reliable Veterinary for Information, from our Veterinarians at Blue Cross Animal Hospital

Wwriting-prescription-medical-examination-13765686e want you to be as informed as possible, so that you can make good decisions for your pet’s health and well-being. You can find a lot of useful information here on our website. On our home page, under the Pet Health Tab you will find Educational Articles, Educational Videos, News Articles, and FAQs that are helpful. Under the Links Tab you will find a multitude of reliable websites covering everything from health information to government regulations to pet insurance and other financing. And don’t forget to check the widgets (information boxes) on the home page for our Blog called Doc Talks.

When it comes to researching information, did you know that about 1 in 20 internet searches are about health issues?

The web can be a great resource for learning about medical and veterinary diseases, but I’m sure that you know that you can’t always believe what you read! This is especially true when it comes to health related advice. In the millions of pieces of information that are available on the web you will find a lot of myths or half-truths that are presented as facts. Remember that anyone can publish their opinion or individual story on the internet without anybody else ‘fact-checking’ what they write! As a general rule, websites that are published by a university (in the US, denoted by .edu, and in Canada denoted by .ca), or by a government agency such as Health Canada or the Centers for Disease Control, will contain reliable factual information. But it can be hard to assess the credibility of other sites.

So, when you are surfing the net and come across health related information, you should ask yourself the following questions:

      • Where did this information come from?
      • Are they trying to sell me something?
      • How current is this information?
      • Who is responsible for the content of the information?
      • What are the qualifications of the individual who is providing the information?
      • How often is the site updated?

To help you wade through the deluge, we have included a short list of websites that you can look to for accurate and detailed information on a variety of topics:

For a more extensive list, check out the “Links” tab on our website at