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    Christmas Gift ideas for your Dog and Cat

    Dec 11 2015

    With Christmas coming up fast and lots of shopping to get done I thought I’d write about some of my favourite gifts that I like get the pooches and kitties…

  • The Price We Pay….

    Nov 16 2015

    I was six years old the first time I witnessed the loss of a pet. I am not sure how hard it hit me at that age . I do…

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    Happy Halloween , ah ah ahhhhh…Boo

    Oct 19 2015

    It is that time of year when the weather changes to cool, and the harvests are in.  Children of all ages become enthralled with scary stories and dressing up in…

  • Happy Thanksgiving and some holiday advice from your vets at Blue Cross

    Oct 09 2015

    The team at Blue Cross Animal Hospital would like to wish you, your pets and your family a Happy Thanksgiving! A few tips to make sure your pet also has…

  • “Fallin” for Fleas

    Oct 01 2015

    Many many years ago, when I was a noob to the vet world, I rescued an amazing cat, named Peppercorn (named by my two sons – Pepper , no …Corn —…

  • Pain is a PAIN

    Sep 17 2015

    I thought that since September is animal pain awareness month, it would be a good time to share my thoughts on pain with you, our concerned pet owners. First I…

  • Signs of Sickness in Cats

    Jul 31 2015

    Signs of Sickness in Cats Sometimes its not always obvious when they aren’t feeling well! Not using the litterbox like they should be –          Urinating or defecating outside of the…

  • Helping Dogs lose that Winter Weight

    Jun 22 2015

    It was a rough winter for some of us. The cold seemed to last forever! I will be the first to admit that I was not able to get my…

  • What You Need to Know About Ticks

    May 08 2015

    What you need to know about Ticks! Here are a few facts about ticks that will help you understand why it is recommended for some dogs to be placed on…

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    Spring Fever

    Apr 13 2015

    Alas, dreams of warm winds and the heat from the sun spawn green fields of glory to traverse. Yes I am Canadian, however this year the bitter cold spell has…