Our Hospital

Blue Cross Animal Hospital has been part of the veterinary community in Kitchener since the late 1940’s. In 1990, Dr. Yuill purchased the practice from Dr. Gerhard Hess. Over the years, it has occupied 4 different sites on Frederick Street, and has been at its current location at the corner of Frederick Street and River Road since March 1996. 

Dr. Yuill and her husband purchased the building which currently houses the hospital in October 1995, and began the extensive renovations which were needed to meet the requirements for a veterinary hospital. The basement apartment was gutted and new walls, floors, and ceilings were built to enclose the surgery, radiology and kennel areas of the clinic. Included in the renovation was a network of oxygen lines running through the ceiling to provide a source of oxygen to the surgical suite, dental and surgical preparation area, and radiology room. A separate exhaust system is used to draw waste anesthetic gases out of the area, to protect both the patients and humans. A second set of stairs was built to give direct access between the prep-room and main floor library. The main floor underwent a face-lift, with removal of partition walls, replacement of the flooring (including the old orange shag carpets!!), installation of a whole new kitchen/lab area and revamping of the colour scheme. The side door off the lab area was re-opened, and window at the back of the building was converted into a double door. Off this door, a small delivery dock was added and a ramp was constructed to give easier access to patients with mobility problems. 

As you approach the clinic, you will notice a large wooden sign on the lawn, which has the Blue Cross Animal Hospital name and logo carved into it. After exploring the various options available, Dr. Yuill designed and made this sign herself, and had it placed so that it could be seen from both Frederick Street and River Road. Over the years, Dr. Yuill has applied her gardening skills to transform the grass-filled corner lot into a calm oasis of shade gardens with a canopy of maple trees. 

Since environmental cleanliness is critical to minimizing disease transmission, the clinic has been designed with surfaces that can be effectively sanitized. Exam tables, countertops, cages and kennels are sprayed with disinfectants between every patient, and the exam rooms, reception area and floor surfaces are vacuumed and thoroughly cleaned daily, and more often if they become soiled. The surfaces are smooth and sometimes slippery to pets, however it is these features which help make them impervious to viruses and bacteria. 

ACCREDITATION: The College of Veterinarians of Ontario, the provincial licensing body for veterinarians, conducts regular on-site inspections of the premises. This process is designed to protect you and your animals. It ensures that veterinary facilities meet specific standards including equipment requirements, proper patient record-keeping, safe drug storage, a medical reference library and orderly and sanitary premises. Meeting these standards can require significant investments in time and money. Our x-ray machine alone runs in the tens of thousands!