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Fluffy’s Box Obsession

March 16, 2023

Cats are very curious, which is one of their most adorable traits. You’ve probably noticed that if you put an empty box down in front of your feline friend, it won’t take her long to hop into it. Why is Fluffy so obsessed with boxes? A local Kitchener, ON veterinarian explains this curious kitty quirk below. 


To be fair, there is a valid reason for Fluffy’s love of boxes. Kitties naturally feel safe in small, enclosed spaces. In fact, your furry friend’s whiskers help her out in this. Cats use their little ‘antennae’ to help determine if they can fit into small spaces. (This tactic of course doesn’t work very well for fat cats, but that’s another topic.) 


Cats’ love of boxes isn’t just a thing for pet kitties. Larger felines, like lions and tigers, also love them. They just need bigger ones. 

Beneficial Boxes

We sometimes jokingly refer to boxes as kitty must-haves. However, it turns out, there may be some truth to this. In one recent study by the University of Utrecht, a group of shelter cats was given boxes, while another group went boxless. Turns out that the furballs with boxes fared much better as far as recuperating and settling into the new environment. This is likely because of the feeling of safety cats get from being in enclosed places. If Fluffy is timid, offer your scaredy-cat plenty of boxes!

Invisible Boxes

As it turns out, cats don’t even care if their boxes actually exist. Fluffy will happily curl up in a square outline of tape on the floor. 

Box Castles 

Want to really please your feline overlord? Make her a box castle. This is a cute project for kids. You can keep it simple, by just decorating one box, or go all-out and make a palace, complete with turrets, towers, and balconies. (Fluffy would probably also love a stocked moat, but that’s probably going a bit far.) 


The only box Fluffy really doesn’t like is the one that’s the most useful: her travel crate. This is because cats often associate carriers with car rides, which they are definitely not big fans of. (Tip: Leave the carrier out in between visits. Add comfy bedding, and offer your furball toys, treats, and catnip in it.)

Do you have questions about your kitty’s care? Contact us, your local Kitchener, ON animal clinic, today! 

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