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Choosing Fido’s Chew Toys

March 16, 2023

Does your canine buddy go to town with new chew toys? Chewing helps keep Fido’s teeth and mouth clean, strengthens his jaws, and just helps keep him happy and occupied. However, not all toys are safe for Man’s Best Friend. An Ayr, ON vet lists some things to consider when choosing toys below.

Chewing Style

One of the most important things to consider is your canine pal’s personality. Some dogs are very aggressive chewers, and will demolish new chews in minutes. Others are more conservative, and tend to nibble. Rubber chew toys, such as Kong toys, are suitable for any pup. Edible chews are fine for most pooches, but aren’t a great option for those that ‘woof’ things down quickly. Observe your furry friend’s chew style, shop appropriately, and supervise him as he chews.


Puppies need durable chews that will hold up to lots of wear and tear. Older dogs still chew, but often have a hard time with hard things. If your furry companion is a senior, choose things that aren’t as rigid.


Always choose things that are the right size for your pooch. Fido can choke on or ingest toys that are too small for him, and could also hurt himself on things that are too big. This is also something to consider if you have dogs of different ages and/or sizes. Your Labrador could be in serious trouble if he eats the Chihuahua’s chew toy!


Hard chews have the potential to crack, break, or loosen Fido’s choppers, which can be painful and dangerous. Brittle items, on the other paw, could possibly choke your furry bff, and may cause serious gastrointestinal issues if ingested. 


Get into the habit of checking labels. Things made overseas can be dodgy, as some countries have quite lax quality control laws for pet products. Many harmful chemicals, such as BPAs phthalates, have been found in Fido’s toys. 


As you may know, there is an ongoing debate about giving our canine friends bones. Cooked bones are very dangerous, because they can splinter and break. However, raw bones can also splinter, and can also cause tooth injuries. Rawhide is also controversial: it’s one of Fido’s favorites, but is also a choking and obstruction risk. Ask your vet for recommendations. 

As your Ayr, ON animal clinic, we’re dedicated to offering top-notch veterinary care! Contact us anytime!

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