Halloween and Your Pets

By October 29, 2019 Uncategorized

Happy Halloween everyone!  Fred and Barney here.  Another Halloween is upon us again and for most of you pets and their owners, this is a fun and exciting time.  However, not all pets enjoy Halloween and can even find the whole event quite disturbing, and Halloween can bring with it it’s own health hazards to pets.  Here are some simple tips your pet people can follow to help minimize the stress of Halloween and the possible safety issues that can be associated with it.  

Never leave your pet outside unattended.  Pets can become very afraid if left alone outside with all the excited children running around in costumes.  Dogs and cats may be targets of mistreatment by pranksters.  Since cats, and especially black cats,  have an associated history for bad luck, it is especially important to keep them inside.  

Keep your pets away from the front door while handing out treats.  Your pets should be kept in a quiet area away from the trick or treaters, and perhaps crated or in their carriers.  The increased traffic at the front door may cause pets to become stressed and perhaps aggressive.  Also, each time the front door is opened there is a chance your pet may slip out the door.  Ensure your pets have proper identification on them in case they do slip out.  It is always better to have them locked up safely in a quiet room to avoid the possibilities that they may escape. 

Make sure that any candles or decorations are safely out of the reach.  Dogs and cats tend to be curious about new things in their environment. 

Do not place bowls of candy or chocolate within reach of your pets. 

Keep cords, wires and pumpkins that have candles away from your pets.  They could suffer cuts, burns or electrical shock. 

Keep wrappers and other toys away from your pets as well, as it’s not uncommon for pets to swallow foil or candy wrappers, and this can cause serious health concerns.  Candy and chocolate can be very toxic to pets especially if eaten in large quantities. 

If you choose to dress up your pet in a costume, make sure your pet is not distressed or afraid of being dressed up.  It is not pleasant for your pet to be stressed or afraid under any circumstances, especially about being dressed up in a costume.  Ensure the costume does not have any tight elastics that may restrict blood supply or breathing or cause skin irritation or decorative pieces that are easily swallowed. 

Remember that your pets will not understand what Halloween is all about and they may be afraid and anxious.  It is always best to be attentive as to how your pet is responding. 

If  you are accompanying children for trick or treating, please leave your pets at home.  

As for Barney and I, we will be laying low in our baskets sleeping the night away and dreaming of Christmas…which is just around the corner.  Santa was very good to us last year!  Have a safe and happy halloween.