Dec 07 2018

Happy Holidays from Fred and Barney!

Hi folks! Fred and Barney here… we are so excited to be spending our 1st Christmas with our Blue Cross Animal Hospital family!! We are both dreaming of all the special treats we will find in our stockings this year!!

Christmas is such an exciting time of year. Spending time with our loved ones and over-indulging in festive treats and food (although not Fred, he’s on a diet right now, shhh-don’t tell him about the treats part!) It is also the time of year when your furry family members can also get caught up in the festivities and can get into things at home that can make them quite ill.

Fred and I would like to share with you the 12 Holiday Hazards you should all be aware of while celebrating during the holidays.

1) HYPOTHERMIA / FROSTBITE: Do not leave your pets outside for an extended period of time. Remember they are prone to frostbite and hypothermia just like we are!
2) ANTIFREEZE/ETHYLENE/METHANON: These items are used quite frequently during the winter, please do not have your pets around at all while you are using these materials. They are extremely toxic and will cause death.
3) CHOCOLATES/COFFEE: Do NOT leave wrapped chocolates under the tree or anywhere that is within reach of your pets. Your pets’ nose is far more sensitive than ours so be sure not to leave any of these tempting treats under the tree.
4) PRESCRIPTION DRUGS: Treat your pets like your kids and DO NOT keep any type of medication within reach of them. Our pets do not react the same way we do to prescription medications and can be dangerous sometimes even fatal to them if ingested.
5) FOREIGN BODIES: This is a big category and can include Ornaments, Ribbons, Tinsel, and toys. Please pet proof your houses and keep pets away from your Christmas decorations and presents.
6) TABLE SCRAPS: Although you may think you are including your pet in the big holiday meal, you can also be causing them to become very sick. High fatty meals like gravy and stuffing, even turkey can cause a lot of gastrointestinal upset and cause vomiting and diarrhea. ONIONS are also toxic to your pets. Please do not feed table scraps to your pets. Pick up a special treat from our clinic or bake a special cookie from their own food.
7) ROAD SALT/ ICE MELT: Please check, wash and clean your pet’s feet when they come in from outside. These types of salt can hurt and even cut their paws and cause skin irritation.
8) CHRISTMAS TREE PRESERVATIVE WATER- For obvious reasons, do not allow your pets to drink the water that your real tree is in.
10) SNACKS: Nuts and raisins are toxic to your pets, dough and yeast, grapes, onions, garlic or chives are also hazardous to your pet.

REMEMBER if you think your pet has been exposed to any of the above noted, contact your Veterinarian ASAP. If your regular clinic is closed, the Emergency Vet Clinic in Cambridge is open 24-hours over the holidays and can be reached at 519-650-1617. For more urgent cases of toxic substances, contact the Pet Poison Control at 1-877-764-7661 or access their website at

SIGNS OF MOTION SICKNESS: Lip licking, Drooling, Shaking and Vomiting

 Travelling over the holidays can be hectic as it is, but if your pet also suffers from motion sickness, this can make your holiday travel more difficult. No one likes to see their pets suffering with car sickness. Contact us today for some helpful solution that may make your holidays more pleasant for you and your pet.

Some other signs of motion sickness may include dry heaving, excessive panting, inactivity, pacing, restlessness, whining or yawning.

Wishing you all Happy Holidays & best wishes in the New Year!!

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