Dec 29 2017

Happy New Years 2017!!!

Hello all my favorite Humans, it’s me, Purr’ll! Wow, Christmas seemed to just fly by this year! I hope you all had a fun and safe holiday and I hope Santa was good to all my Human friends and Santa Paws visited all my fur friends as well.

As the year closes and another year begins, my mommy and I were talking about an article she saw and about something called New Years Resolutions. She told me that for humans, having these goals is a good thing. I think pets should also have some! We read the article together – I do so love it when my mommy reads to me – and we thought maybe we should share the resolutions with you too. My mommy agrees that pets can improve our physical and mental health, but that there are many ways that we can improve the lives of our pets in return. It sounds like the New Year is a great time to get started, doesn’t it? So here were the pet friendly resolutions mommy and I talked about after reading the article:

1) Measure your pets food – keeping us all at that optimum weight means less strain to our systems and risks of obesity related health problems
2) Set up Playdates – ensure your furrbabies get time with their besties! We crave that Socialization too
3) Make Time to Play – we love to have our Humans attention!!!
4) Try a New Activity – make sure to add new things to our daily routine so we don’t get bored
5) Teach us a New Trick – despite what they say, yes, an old dog (or cat) can learn new tricks!!! Trust me
6) Go for More Car Rides – it helps to teach us that not every ride is scary
7) Update Your Pets’ Tags – make sure the contact info on your pets’ tags is up to date in you and your pet are separated
8) Clear out Old Toys – despite the fact that we may love our old stuffed rabbit (or whatever it may be), we will love a new toy just as much and may keep us from accidentally eating any of it
9) Give us a Brushing – not only is this good for our skin and coat, but it gives us much needed attention from our humans as well as so very appreciated bonding time!
10) Start a Medical Log – keeping a log of why we were taken to the Vet as well as any medications or diagnosis of medical concerns should be a must in case your pet has to go to the emergency room
11) Visit Your Vet – make sure we are up to date on all of our vaccines and the annual preventative care exam – the exam actually helps to identify any underlying health concerns!
12) Start a Pet Savings Fund/Insurance – keeping an account made for your pet lets you put some money away in case of any unexpected medical needs or just to help your yearly visit be more manageable. Alternately, there is also monthly Pet Insurance you can purchase that will cover beyond the cost of what most people put into a Pet Account. Also, my Human Team here at Blue Cross Animal Hospital offers a Preventative Pet Care Plan for your pets – don’t forget to ask them if you are interested!

My mommy says that all Humans love their pets, so why not commit to making them an even bigger priority in the New Year? These pet-positive resolutions are easy to make and if you want to read more about the article, you can find the link here: Believe me, your pets will thank you for making them a priority!

I hope everyone has a safe and happy New Year and I look forward to seeing all of you in 2018!


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