Oct 26 2017

Halloween 2017

Hello all my awesome Humans! It’s me, Purr’ll again! What’s new, you ask? My excitement for the change of the Seasons! I can’t believe that it’s almost Winter! I am so excited though because Halloween is almost upon us!!! Don’t forget us cats like trick or treats too!

Speaking of Halloween, there are some things I wanted to warn you humans about before the ghouls and goblins come out to play this year:

My mommy says you should never leave your pets alone outside. Sometimes we get very scared and may struggle and try to get away and we could hurt ourselves. There is also the possibility that some younger human pranksters may scare or taunt us. Sadly, some human children may only mean to play pranks, but a lot of us kitties do go missing or get hurt at Halloween – especially black cats. In fact, most shelters will not even adopt black cats out for the week before and sometimes after All Hallows Eve. They are doing all they can to protect us. Please make sure that if YOU see anything bad, you report it right away!

Remember, we kitties and even some dogs can get scared with a lot of commotion. Ringing bells and knocking, or excited trick-or-treaters can all make us a bit flighty. If you know your fur babies get stressed with these things, then we recommend putting them in a room where the door can be closed to keep them away from the scary situations. You can put us further at ease by adding some things to the room such as our own food and water and our own litterbox and maybe even our favorite blanket. You can even play some of the things we like to watch or listen to which can help to keep us distracted and as calm as possible.

Sometimes, bad things happen and accidents catch us and our humans completely by surprise – if we do happen to flee outside, we may actually run until we find a quieter place to hide. Make sure we have a breakaway collar with identification tags, or even better, a microchip as these things may help to us get safely home again.

Believe me, we also love to check out the cool pumpkins you humans carve, especially if there is light flickering inside of them so please make sure that any candles are kept safely out of our reach so we don’t accidentally burn ourselves!

Please be considerate as to your pets feelings – if they do not know what a costume is and have never had one on before, they may get scared. If your pet is okay with the costume you’ve chosen and seem at ease, then please just be careful that the outfit fits us right. Please also make sure that there are no elastics or dangly pieces that we may eat by accident, or that may be tight over our airway or an area with blood supply. You should also be careful and check that the outfit does not chafe or irritate out skin.

Lastly, some of us are amazing thieves, so we need our human’s to be careful what they leave out. Some human treats like chocolates and candies are not meant for our digestion and if we eat them, we can get very sick. Please make sure that you have a cover over that really neat treat bowl so we can’t get into it. Or, even better, make sure the treats are somewhere we simply cannot reach them or buy pet friendly treats to hand out.

I hope everyone has a safe and Happy Halloween! If you have pictures of us or even those silly dogs in costumes, don’t hesitate to send them in! My team here at Blue Cross Animal Hospital would be happy to put them on our website: www.bcahkitchener.com! It would be great to see what everyone else is wearing this year! I am going as a black cat!


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