Winter is coming! Is your cat vaccinated?

Hello! It’s me! Purr’ll! Wow did I miss talking to all of your guys! I really enjoy being here and chatting with all of you wonderful humans. My mommy says I am a regular social butterfly. I think that’s funny. I’m a cat, not a butterfly! Mommy can be so silly sometimes.

Speaking of the socializing, I hope you have all had a chance to check out the “thats cat for*” and Cat Healthy sites and have been enjoying all the fun and trivia!

Burr! Is it just me or is it getting a bit chilly out there? Even though I don’t mind the rain and dampness that the Fall weather brings, my mommy watches me closely during this time of the year. Weather changes can certainly make viruses more active as well as allergies.

I am so glad that I do not have allergies myself – humans and my fellow feline and canine friends have told me they are really not fun. So on their behalf, here is something to closely consider; is your family pet sneezing more often? If so, it could be because they have picked up a cold or it could be seasonal allergies. Neither one of these options are fun, so making sure that sneezing, runny noses or eyes and especially coughing get a trip to see my mommy or one of our other amazing Veterinarians to help us get better quickly!

Colds really are not fun! That’s why vaccinations for us indoor cats are so critical. Just because we don’t go outside, doesn’t mean a virus cannot find its way INSIDE to us! An open window, or on your clothes could be all it takes – and for those of us who DO venture into the great outdoor wilderness, there are other potential things that we could come into contact with that we need to be protected from! Things like intestinal parasites and viruses that could be transmitted to us by that stray kitty that everyone has seen wandering the neighborhood could happen, so there are special, added protective measures that our humans could take to ensure our health and safety.

Also, mice, bats and other rodents can get into our house pretty easily and may go unnoticed for a while and theselittle creatures can bring very harmful viruses to us. It’s scary to think that we now have reported instances of rabies in Toronto and Brantford. That’s so close to us! It’s practically next door! My mommy says I don’t have to worry though, because she has all of my vaccinations up to date! Phew. That is a load off my mind!

Did you know that ensuring your pet has Rabies vaccinations is a law in Ontario? I didn’t. But my mommy makes sure that I get my vaccinations regularly so that nothing can happen to me. She is such an awesome mommy and I have to say, her and my dad Rick are my two special favorite humans.

Gosh, its been so much fun catching up with you all again! I hope to see you all very soon!


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