Introducing Purr’lls of Wisdom


hello! my name is purr’ll. i am dr cheryl yuill’s very beloved kitty. as my mother is a veterinarian, she is up on all the newest information and facts regarding the exciting world of, well – ME! But sometimes, its hard for her to get all the information she knows out to people. so I have decided to try to help and to see if I post some things from my point of view, if that may help others to understand us felines better and help my human team here at blue cross animal hospital to get the word out.

please be a bit patient with me as i have not been able to figure out how to use the darn shift key yet while i type, but the CAPS lock i have figured out how to use – in fact, i thought it said CATS lock when i first read it!

i have a darn good mommy and she brings me in regularly to do check ups, even though i live with her because sometimes things that might be going wrong with me are not immediately noticeable to my human family. why is that you ask?  well, its because like my fellow felines, I am a master of disguise! i don’t like to worry my mommy needlessly so i don’t tend to show her i am not feeling good until i am feeling REALLY bad. so my mommy is very proactive with my healthcare because she worries.

people may not know this, but we age a bit differently than humans and in fact, i just celebrated my first birthday on sept 10th! did you know that in the first year of life, we grow to our full size, become interested in the opposite sex and even reach adulthood! wow! and you thought YOUR kids had growth spurts! i became approximately 19-21 years old in just one of your human years.  thankfully, my aging slows down a bit after that – for every calendar year, i would age roughly the equivalent of about 3-5 years of your human life.  that’s pretty cool, isn’t it?

but that means that if our human parents only bring us kitties in “once in a while” it would be like going for years without seeing your own family doctor. catching any changes to our behavior and changes in our body condition is important, so that’s why coming in at least once a year is so important, especially since we like to hide things that are going wrong so as not to worry our humans.  remember, just because you don’t see something, doesn’t mean it isn’t happening!

i really love my mommy.  she is the best! she is also really good at reading me and any changes to my routine that may indicate i am not at my best.  she isn’t the only one, either – my team of humans here at blue cross and veterinarians all over are dedicated to making sure us felines get the best of everything, just like those dogs! in fact, there is going to be a new awareness program launched and i am just so excited to hear about the campaign for Cat Healthy and “That’s cat for*”(thanks to my human team for putting in the capitals on those sites for me) – sometimes, i think us felines go misunderstood. i am absolutely thrilled to see a site dedicated to us cats – its like a google for all of you humans specifically designed by feline board certified veterinarians! how cool is that?  i asked my staff to put in the links so if you click on them, you can check them out! Cat Healthy website. Cat Healthy Campaign. That’s Cat For*

lets see if you know what YOUR cat is really saying to you!

this was really fun! i had a blast getting to meet you all and i hope to see everyone  really soon – stay tuned and i will try to help my mommy promote awareness of some very important feline topics.