Christmas Gift ideas for your Dog and Cat

By December 11, 2015 December 16th, 2015 Uncategorized

With Christmas coming up fast and lots of shopping to get done I thought I’d write about some of my favourite gifts that I like get the pooches and kitties in my life. Maybe these ideas will make your shopping go a little easier.

I usually like to get treats for both cats and dogs. Maybe its because I like receiving treats at Christmas time or because I think giving pet specific treats helps avoid people giving human food to pets. We see many patients each holiday season who received (or got into) rich foods such as ham, gravies, chocolate etc that need treatment varying from stomach upset to pancreatitis to toxicity. Sticking with treats made specifically for dogs or cats can certainly help avoid this.

For dogs I like the freeze dried liver treats- these have passed multiple taste tests with our patients as they are our mainstay treat in clinic. If the dog has a sensitivity to beef, the hypoallergenic treats are a great choice for them. I’ll have to remind Dr. Costello to take a few bags of those home for his dogs – they’d never forgive him if they were absent from under his tree.

For cats I like to get the fibre formula treats. I know that they name might not sound too indulgent but cats love these things! And since I’m always concerned about the waistline of felines, a great addition to the fibre treats is the Slim Cat Interactive Feeder. The cat needs to roll it around in order to get the treat or kibble out which helps them burn off those extra holiday calories while enjoying a tasty treat.

All of these treats are available in the clinic. Our holiday hours are as follows:
Dec. 24: 8am-12pm
Dec. 25-27th: Closed
Dec. 28: open 8am-6pm as usual
Dec. 31: 8am-4pm
Jan.1 : closed
Jan 2: open 9- 4pm as usual

Another way to get your hands on these treats or many other goodies is to go on to our Webstore. Its open 24/7 and items can either be delivered directly to your home or here for clinic pick up.

Happy Shopping and Happy Holidays!

Dr. Julie Fell