Happy Thanksgiving and some holiday advice from your vets at Blue Cross

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The team at Blue Cross Animal Hospital would like to wish you, your pets and your family a Happy Thanksgiving!

A few tips to make sure your pet also has an enjoyable long weekend include:

– Keep an eye on your pet around festive foods. Poultry bones are very brittle and can get stuck in a dogs throat, esophagus or further down its intestinal tract. Rich fatty foods can cause gastrointestinal upset ranging from diarrhea and mild vomiting to pancreatitis that sometimes requires hospitalization. Instead of giving table food as treats why not prepare some treats a head of time for your dog to enjoy. There are baked recipes you can find that use their own food as treats.  Always avoid leaving chocolates, candies, cookies, cakes and other sweets  within reach.  

– If you are planning on having a full house for festivities be aware that this can be very stressful on your pets. Cats especially can be sensitive to changes in their environment. A couple of things to try are to have your cat approach your guests when they are comfortable to do so, give your guests a toy to play with your cat and have a separate area for your cat to hide that still gives them adequate access to their food, water and litter pans.

We are open Saturday October 6th from 9-4 on the long weekend but we are closed Monday October 8th for the holiday. If you have any concerns about your pet while we are closed, please don’t hesitate to contact the Emergency Vet Clinic of Waterloo at 519-650-1617. They are located at 405 Maple Grove Road in Cambridge.

Your friends at Blue Cross Animal Hospital