Jun 09 2017

Whisker Fatigue

Cropped Purr'll 4 - Holiday Hazards

Hello! Its me, Purr’ll again! Oh my gosh, I just couldn’t wait to tell you all this – my mommy found it in the paper and read it to me. Whisker Fatigue. You can find this article in the KW Record Arts and Life section from Thursday June 8th if you are interested. .

Wow, there is something most humans would think is a joke, but it isn’t. In fact, we cats are very sensitive when it comes to having our whiskers handled. They are a great sensory board and tell us so much about our environment – the direction of a breeze, how close we are to things and how big an opening is so we know if we can fit through it! Our whiskers take in a lot of data and when they are repeatedly bumped into things, like the side of a feeding dish, it can cause some undo stress. In fact, it may be the very reason why your cat is always pawing kibble out of the dish and eating it off the floor or why they are such a “fussy” or finicky” eater. That’s right – it might not be that your cat doesn’t like the food you are giving them – it may just be their dish!

A possible way to help your own cat or cats and alleviate this newly recognized condition would be to feed your cat out of a low low sided bowl or a shallow dish.  If you cat is a bit older, they may also benefit from a raised dish so that they don’t have to bend down to eat. My mommy says that metal bowls or ceramic are always best as they keep bacteria from forming and causing cat acne on the chin – its funny, but you humans have even started calling that condition Catne. I think someone with a dog made up that name. So maybe try you “fussy” cat with a different bowl and their regular food and see if there is any difference in how well they eat.

Speaking of food, I think I see my mommy pulling in! It must be time for dinner…I better run to greet her, but I hope to see you all very soon!


Cropped Purr'll 4 - Holiday Hazards

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